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Gundam Yaoi - This Ring is For Gundam Wing Yaoi Sights, Fan Fiction, Fan Art, etc.

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Gundam Yaoi

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This Ring is For Gundam Wing Yaoi Sights, Fan Fiction, Fan Art, etc.


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   Gundanium Toybox Preview Go
Galleries, fiction, art, dedicated to the GBoys we love. Mostly yaoi: 1x2/2x1, 3x4/4x3.
   ::olygrrl's gundam wing fanfiction:: Preview Go
This is mainly a 1x2/2x1 yaoi site. There's also some 3x4/4x3, and in the future, with some good submissions or creativity on my part, hopefully other pairings.
   Munky's Cage of Yaoiness Preview Go
This site offers yaoi, slash, and shonen-ai from Gundam Wing, Star Ocean:2nd story, Harry Potter, Digimon, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, jrock bands, and other miscellaneous fandoms. Works range from G-NC17, so please use judgement in what you view.

   La Casa Preview Go
Lara's fanfiction, focused on the OZies and assorted side characters. Mostly 13x6, but also Sally x Une and appearances from Relena, Noin and the Gundam pilots.
   The Mobile Suit Journal Preview Go
Mobile Suit Journal This is a forum for sharing creative Gundam stories. Here you, like me, can be whatever you want as long as it`s in the Gundam Universe. Write yourself into the story! Create new characters! Pilot or engineer a mobile suit! Share your creativity right here, in the Mobile Suit Journal. Thank You

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