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Official Ring of Titanic Lovers - Just a ring for fans and lovers of the 1997 movie, James Camerons Titanic.

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Official Ring of Titanic Lovers

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Manager: goddess_isisuk
Just a ring for fans and lovers of the 1997 movie, James Camerons Titanic.

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   Kayla's Totally Titanic Preview Go
I have many photos from the movie plus photos from 1912. Orignal newspaper clippings, midis and wav's, collages, memorial page, cast and much more. I also have awards to apply for, so come on by, you won't be disappointed!!
   Titanic Costumes: Rose DeWitt Bukater's Dresses Preview Go
Includes descriptions of all of the major dresses and other garments worn by Kate Winslet throughout the 1997 film "Titanic". Also included are various links to seamstresses who will create replicas of Ms. Winslet's gowns, and much more!
   Victoria's TITANIC Page Preview Go
This TITANIC site has loads of pictures, video clips, character info, a TITANIC quiz, Links to Titanic documentay sites and much more!

   Medea's Very Own Titanic Home Page!!! Preview Go
This is my very own Titanic Website!!! It comes complete with a picture gallery of the wonderful people of the classic movie Titanic! It's got some other basic stuff you'll probably find on the other zillion Titanic sites....but it's my very own! *s* Come see!
   The Ice-Box Door Preview Go
Hi, I am Pedro Huggins (James Huggins' younger & better looking brother), like Jim-Bob (as we call James round the ole kitchen table), I look forward to the opportunity of foisting my website upon this ring despite a total lack of relevant content. What the heck, that little stickin' point never stops James from joining wazillions of rings, does it? Thanks for the ide

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