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Keep Lotor Good Looking Society - A webring for fans of Prince Lotor of the Voltron anime series. Dedicated to keeping the image of a good-looking Prince

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Keep Lotor Good Looking Society

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A webring for fans of Prince Lotor of the Voltron anime series. Dedicated to keeping the image of a good-looking Prince Lotor alive despite his "disfigurement" in the new Voltron The Third Dimension series. Also for fans of Doom villians and of Voltron in general, but especially for Lotor fans who both want a good looking villian and who always thought he and Allura would make a great couple!!

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   Lotorsincline's blog Preview Go
A page with a series of funny stories involving Voltron characters
   The Chronicles Of Doom Preview Go
Centers on the Planet Doom & it's inhabitants, but also will have dark stories of the Voltron Force. Fanfiction covers past, present, future alternative storylines. There will also be Doom spoofs and crossovers! For the Doomaphile who is always tired of the Blazing Sword winning the day!
   Castle Doom Preview Go
A site mostly from the Doomies' point of view. A short fanfic, some links, and home of the Anti-Heroes of Voltron Webring.

   Sugerlite's Prince Lotor Shrine Preview Go
My( Samara A.K.A. Sammie-Ma) orginal cartoon lover to Prince Lotor and alter ego to my harem personia with her own site decated to Prince Lotor and other bad boys of anime. This is a personal obsession the web mistress has with a certian blue skined hunk.
   Casstella's Voltron Universe Preview Go
Voltron episode guide, character profile,image gallery, Lotor image gallery, Lotor fan-fiction,My Voltron Insights. Lotor and Allura friendly.
   The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Lotor Preview Go
A site dedicated to the preservation of Lotor's image before Voltron the Third Dimension, with a small fanfic archive and a really small art gallery.
   Lotor - Marking of the days Preview Go
The Prince's journal entries after the death of his father
   Cossack the Terrible's Tour of Planet Doom Preview Go
A Voltron site from an evil point of view by Zarkon's snarky fleet commander, Cossack the Terrible. Images, sound clips, spoofs, and fan works favoring the evil crew of Planet Doom (and of course Lotor) are all included!

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