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DC Comics and Characters - DC Comics is here to gather sites with DC comics content.

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DC Comics and Characters

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DC Comics is here to gather sites with DC comics content.


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   Amalgam Chronology Center Preview Go
The all-inclusive timeline of the Amalgam Universe, including 9 appendices and guides to comics that could be Amalgam.
   Crisis on Earth-612! Preview Go
Earth-612 is the Amalgam-like world seen in various Vertigo books by DC. This page examines the characters of this continuity, and the possibility that is actually is part of the Amalgam Universe.
   Bizarrome's Yellow Lantern World Preview Go
A site dedicated to the Bizarro World's answer to Green Lantern, Yellow Lantern!

   Rome's Emerald Universe Preview Go
A site dedicated to Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern mythos!
   Justice League - Beyond the Watchtower Preview Go
The watchtower on the moon, JLA's base of operation. It was built on the moon. It's massive structure oversee the Earth. The heroes will use the technology on the watchtower to fight against crimes and evil on Earth. The watchtower will also help alert Earth of any threats from outer space.
   Animated DC GIF Gallery Preview Go
An Animated Gallery dedicated to DC Characters including Black Canary, Swamp Thing, Green Arrow and many many more. Updated Constantly with more new GIFs...give the site a look see!!
   The Crime Syndicate of America Preview Go
A site dedicated to Earth 3s paragons of evil, the Crime Syndicate of America!
   MANHUNTER: He Stalks The World's Most Dangerous Game! Preview Go
A site devoted to one of the most prolific and enigmatic heroes in the DC Universe. He is Paul Kirk...MANHUNTER!
   The Vertigo Animated Gif Gallery Preview Go
- Aug/2003. ALL-NEW Animated Gifs featuring Sandman, Death, Swamp Thing, and coming soon, many more characters from DC's Vertigo Line of Books.

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