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Spinners and Weavers - Find in this ring sites personal, academic and commercial pertaining to the history and practice of spinning and/or weav

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Spinners and Weavers

Manager: genessa
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 This ring is for sites that are dedicated handspinners, fiber and supplies and info on handspinning.


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Sunday Spinning - 11/05/2012
I spent a pleasant day yesterday.  I watched Animal Planet and Nat Geographic for hours while spinning some beautiful yarn.  So far it is 1 ply but I am going to fill another bobbin and make 2 ply.  This will make my third skein of yarn, the largest by far.  I think I might change hands when spinning.  Maybe it takes more practice but I keep feeding and drafting with the wrong hands.  It just feels backwards to me even though my right hand is my dominant.  I will give it a few more skeins before I change, I am sure it will change with practice.  Of course Pitbulls and Paroles always gets me crying so that doesn't help my concentration!

Sunday Spinning

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