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Spinners and Weavers - Find in this ring sites personal, academic and commercial pertaining to the history and practice of spinning and/or weav

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Spinners and Weavers

Manager: genessa
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 This ring is for sites that are dedicated handspinners, fiber and supplies and info on handspinning.


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Last show - 10/17/2012
I did get into my last show of the season.  It is inside and in Nov.  It is kind of bittersweet that I got in.  If is one of my fav shows but with the colitis thing, I always feel washed out. I have a class of one scheduled the Sat.  Am advertizing for more students but I do have the one confirmed.  She will definitly get all the attention that she wants.  I will work along side her so it will help beef up my inventory. Ordered more of the Checz (sp badly)  I have heard that the price is going to triple sometime soon so I am trying to order some each time I have a few dollars left over.  These buttons are too beautiful to use so I need to figure out a way to display them so I can enjoy them. Friday night my nephew is coming over for a pumpkin carving.  Since we don't have Jonathan anymore, I figured Jake would enjoy it and is so happy for the attention. All for now, hope you are all getting t...

Last show

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